Hello digital art collector. This is a prototype of the Jan Bot NFT project.


You have acceded this page through the secret QR code available on one of Jan Bot NFT cards.

You are here because you want to collect the Jan Bot NFT you have purchased.

In practice, collecting your Jan Bot NFT means that we will transfer the artwork from our digital wallet to yours.

In order to do this, we need your digital wallet public address.

Before you fill in the form, make sure that your wallet is compatible with Tezos, the Blockchain where Jan Bot artworks are minted.

Don’t you have a Tezos wallet? opening one is easy and free. We recommend Umami, Temple and Kukai.

Once you have your wallet, please fill in this form:

To see more Jan Bot digital artworks visit his Objkt profile. There you can also find more NFTs to add to your collection.

To know more about Jan Bot visit his official page: www.jan.bot

For questions and feedback please contact us at hello@jan.bot